We’ve moved.

In May, I moved — lock, stock, barrel, 3 cats and two horses — from Bavaria to Normandy, in France.
Over 850 miles north.
It’s been a hell of a trip.

Things just hadn’t worked out, down there…

… so I packed up everything, and moved.

Don’t make a road trip with 3 cats.

Lesson learned. Jezebel was “singing” from Bavaria, all the way to Paris. And when she stopped, another started.
But there was a stop-over at my parent’s house, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Onward we went the next morning, but we got away late — and by 5pm we had made it to Paris. Alas — just as I arrived on the outskirts of Paris, my SatNav (TomTom) went “In 300 Meters–” and quit.
I sat in the car, going “In 300 meters…what? WHAT? Where do I go!?!?!”
I will probably never know if it tried to get me around Paris, because by the time I got the damned thing to work again, we were stuck in a 50 mile traffic jam.
With 3 cats.
In 25C heat — without A/C.
Low on Diesel.
Oh joy.


We eventually made it through, even found some Diesel along the way. By around 7:30pm traffic started to flow again, we were back on the motorway, and had about 350km to go.

By about 10:30pm we came off the motorway, around the roundabout — and the car quit. Just stopped. 
I managed to get on the side, but my heart was in my throat.
The last thing I wanted was to break down, with 3 grumpy cats, in a country where my language skills extend to not much more than ordering a cup of coffee.
The car started again.
By 11pm we were told by TomTom that we’ve “Arrived at our destination.”
Well, that was a bloody lie.
Luckily there was a friendly Frenchman, who helped me find the right place, after calling my friend to see where the heck I’m at.
I arrived — to see the removal lorry already in the car park.
It was about 11:15pm or so.

Dawn in a new country

I woke to birds singing, cats climbing all over me, and not a small amount of relief.
Most of all — I woke up feeling WARM.
But that’s another story for another time.

A few impressions of those first days:

So for now… I’m finding my feet, but I’ll post another update soon.

The view from Fosse Arthur, which is about 5km away from here.

Life’s a Journey…
…not a Destination

Aerosmith – “Amazing”